UL-led Team Judges Romanian Electronic and Computer Design Contest

For the sixteenth consecutive year a team from UL has set the contest task and led the international jury of the ‘Hard and Soft’ contest, held annually at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava. The contest, in which teams of four must design and build a fully functioning system comprising electronic hardware and software components in four days, attracts students from university teams from Romania and other Central European countries, Germany and from as far away as China and is in its 25th year. (Pictured above; Judges and participants at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava.)

The Jury, led by UL’s Tim Hall, included academics from the University of Lille 1 in France, Dr Ciaran MacNamee of Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at UL, and engineers from ServicExpert, the system and software house for manufacturers of commercial vehicles and the supplier industry in Germany and Europe.

The 2018 contest task, set by Jury president Professor Tim Hall, was to build a ‘no moving parts’ portable weather station, capable of acquiring and storing weather data, including wind speed and direction and rainfall measurement readings, was a modern Internet of Things take on the first task set by Tim Hall in 2003, the first year of UL involvement in the contest.

Commenting on the many years of collaboration with the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Tim Hall said, ‘The University of Limerick has a proud tradition of international collaboration, and our involvement with the University of Suceava through many EU programs and the Hard and Soft contest, is a great example of cooperation and has been beneficial for all concerned. We hope that it continues for a long time to come.’ For more details, see http://www.hardandsoft.ro .