Ricky Kearney


DevOps/Stack Engineer

When did I study at UL?

I studied the BE/ME in Electronic and Computer Engineering from 2014-2018.

Where do I work now?

San Francisco! I was offered an internship at an IT consulting company called Cobaltix just before graduating. At Cobaltix I started helping Bay Area companies, such as VC’s and international food companies, with their IT issues. After a short while, this morphed into a job working at ManageLabs as a DevOps and Stack Engineer.

What does a typical day look like for me?

I normally start off the day with a nice strong coffee and check the Trello white board for software bugs and feature requests. I check my inbox for any emails from the team and get to work on the most important features. We usually finish off the day with a few games of pool and local SF beer from the work tap.

What's my favorite UL memory?

My favorite memories involve heading down to Stables after handing in a college project. It’s such a relief to know you’ve tried your best and have one less thing to think about. It’s also a great way to chat and make friends with your classmates as we are all in the same boat.

Why should you consider studying Electronic and Computer Engineering at UL?

UL is a fantastic college with a great mix of social life and college work. Having the college outside of the city gives it a bubble feel that allows you to transition from the school life to college very easily. The lecturers are all very welcoming and they help you as best they can with projects and exam prep.

Ricky Kearney

DevOps/Stack Engineer