E&CE PhD Graduates 2018

Congratulations to E&CE Research Graduates 2018

The Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering (E&CE) successfully capped nine PhD students in the academic year 2018. Great achievement for all graduates, their dedication and perseverance throughout their PhD certainly paid off. No doubt, these efforts could not be achieved without the supervision of our E&CE faculty. Details of PhD’s received are listed below in accordance of E&CE’s research centres:

Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems Research Centre (CRIS)

Dr. Romano Capocci on his dissertation titled “Novel Smart Inspection-Class ROV for Use in Challenging Conditions” PhD supervisors – Professor Daniel Toal, Dr. Gerard Dooly & Dr. Edin Omerdic.

Dr.  Ebrahimi Salari Mahdi on his thesis titled “Direct Interconnection Technique Applied to Marine Renewable Generators, Specifically Airborne Wind Energy” PhD supervisors – Professor Daniel Toal & Dr Joseph Coleman.

Dr.  Rossi Matija on his dissertation titled “Real-Time Vision Systems for Underwater Robotics Towards the Automation of Underwater Inspection and Intervention Operations” PhD supervisors – Professor Daniel Toal & Dr Gerard Dooly.

Dr. Sivcev Satja on his thesis titled “Smart Enhanced Performance Interventions ROV’s Control System Advancements for Marin Work-class ROV Manipulators” PhD supervisors – Professor Daniel Toal, Dr. Joseph Coleman & Dr Gerard Dooly.

Pictured above CRIS Gradates & Supervisors from UL’s Winter Conferring, (L-R) Dr. Joseph Coleman, (Supervisor), Prof. Daniel Toal, (Centre Director & Supervisor), Dr. Rossi Matija, (PhD Graduate), Dr. Sivcev Satja, (PhD Graudate), Dr. Gerard Dooly (Supervisor), Dr. Ebrahimi Salari Mahdi (PhD Graduate), Dr. Martin Hayes, HoD, E&CE.

Design for Testability Research Group (DTRG)

Dr. Zaidi Muhaned on his dissertation titled “Design and Evaluation of High-Speed Operational Amplifier Designs Using the Negative Miller Capacitance Design Technique” PhD supervisor – Dr. Ian Grout

Optical Fibre Sensors Research Centre (OFRC)

Dr. Dinesh Duraibabu on his thesis titled “Combined Optical Pressure and Temperature Probe for Underwater and other Biomedical Applications” PhD supervisors – Professor Elfed Lewis and Dr. Thomas Newe

Dr. Coughlan Damian on his dissertation titled “Repurposing End of Life Notebook Computers from Consumer WEEE as Thin Client Computers: A Hybrid End of Life Strategy for the Circular Economy in Electronics” PhD supervisors – Dr. Colin Fitzpatrick & Dr. Muireann McMahon

Dr. Hongwei Yuan  on his dissertation titled “Motion Artefact Minimisation from a Photoplethysmography based Non-Invasive Sensor” PhD supervisors – Professor Elfed Lewis, Dr. Thomas Newe & Dr. Gabriel Leen.

Telecommunications Research Centre (TRC)

Dr. Haiyang Zhang on her thesis titled “Collaborative Filtering Approaches Enriched with Additional Information for Item Recommendation” PhD supervisors – Dr. Ivan Ganchev & Dr. Nikola Kikolov.

Pictured above CRIS Gradates from UL’s Summer Conferring, L-R, Dr. Gerard Dooly, (Supervisor), Dr. Dinesh Duraibabu (PhD Graduate), Dr. Edin Omerdic, (Supervisor), Dr. Romano Capocci, (PhD Graduate) & Prof. Daniel Toal (Centre Director CRIS & Supervisor)

(Pictured above L-R, E&CE PhD Graduates from UL’s Winter Conferring, Dr. Damian Coughlan, Dr. Rossi Matija, Dr. Sivcev Satja & Dr. Ebrahimi Salari Mahdi)