Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D AWARDS Programmes

This is open to female students of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design Subjects entering their 2nd year of studies 2017/2018 within the University of Limerick.

The award aims to provide financial support of student studies, each to the value of €3000 are available.

Why participate?

J&J WiSTEM2D Award is for amazing young women to support their studies in the fields of STEM. This is an assisted 1 year program providing financial support, opportunities to network within peer group and J&J business leaders, and early career development opportunities including mentoring and day in the life.

What do you have to do?

You will be asked to keep in contact with a J&J mentor during the academic year, attend WiSTEM2D events, attend site visits.

Please send completed applications to


Student applications will be shortlisted and successful shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. Final selection will be confirmed by 27st Oct 2017You may not apply for both the J&J WiSTEM2D Student Awards and the Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Team Project Grants

For further information about the program contact


Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Team Project Grants

All 2nd and 3rd year female students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design Subjects at the University of Limerick are asked to  contribute to a project that aims to empower women in STEM. Each person who is selected to participate, attends all scheduled events and produces a team output will receive a monetary reward.

Why participate?

The purpose of the projects is:

  • to assist female students investigating issues that hinder female students participating in STEM at undergraduate level and pursuing  STEM as a career;
  • to provide opportunities for female students to interact with their peers;
  • to facilitate female students reporting the findings of their study to raise awareness.You need to attend all events and produce a team output to receive the grant.
  • When? (Provisional Dates)
  • What do you have to do?
  • Friday 10th Nov(6.00pm-9.00pm)                                                                                                              Awareness Phase: Introduction, exploring the issue – i.e., what does the existing research tell us about this issue?  What do I need to know about the topic? Brainstorm and draft proposal.
  • 18th Dec
    (9.00am to lunch)
    Research Phase: conducting some research on the issue to explore it further
  • 19th Jan (6.00pm-9.00 pm)                                                                                                                             Reporting Phase: reporting the study to others to influence practice.  What do other need to know about our study?  Why is it worth telling others about what we found/learned?
  • 23th Feb (6.00pm-9.00 pm)                                                                                                                             Preparation for final presentation of project for event