Intel Shannon Paul Whelan Memorial Scholarship – Closing Date 10.10.19

About the Scholarship

Intel Shannon would like to offer a limited number of college scholarships in memory of our recently deceased and much missed colleague Paul Whelan. Through the “Paul Whelan” memorial scholarship program, Intel hopes to increase awareness and encourage a new generation of high-achieving young people to take up the challenge of a career in technology. Intel’s success in Ireland has been built on the quality of highly skilled and educated people available in the country. Intel Shannon works closely with local schools and colleges to help ensure that our educational system continues to produce the exceptional quality of graduates that has helped to make Intel in Ireland so successful.

The ‘Paul Whelan’ scholarship awards are structured as follows:

  • Scholarships for first year students of a relevant degree courses valued at €3000 per annum, for remainder of their undergraduate courses.
  • This scholarship program includes opportunities for co-op placements and/or summer internships in the Intel Shannon workplace.
  • To assist with career progression and further education, each scholar will be assigned a mentor from the Intel staff who can assist and provide advice on managing their academic career.

Criteria for Selection

  • Students must be currently enrolled in year one of the LM118 (BEng Electronic and Computer Engineering) or LM051 (BSc Computer Systems) degree courses in the University of Limerick.
  • Written proof of registration in the university must be provided.
  • Candidates must maintain a minimum of a 3.20 QCA in their most recent end-of-year examinations.
  • Recipients must be willing to undertake their co-op placement or internship in Intel Shannon, where applicable.
  • Selection will be by application form and interview of candidates.
  • Final decision will rest with Intel Shannon.

If you satisfy the above criteria and enjoy working with technology, then you should consider applying to the Intel Shannon “Paul Whelan” Scholarship.

Maintenance of Scholarships

In order for recipients to continue in the program, they must achieve a QCA of 3.20 or higher in their examinations at the end of each year.

How to Apply

Prospective candidates should return completed application form by 10th Oct 2019. Forms should be send to Intel Shannon via email to (add subject “Paul Whelan Scholarship 2019”)

For any queries please contact Intel Shannon Reception, Tel: 061 477400

About Intel Shannon

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