Education and Public Engagement (CRIS, UL)

Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, (CRIS)

Activities Science week 11 to 15th November

Transition Year Students Work Placements Programme

As part of the Transition Year Students Work Placements programme organised by CONFIRM (Centre for Smart Manufacturing) the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS) hosted a group of 20 students. The visitors had an opportunity to hear about our research, visit the labs and to learn about our state-of-the-art control system for marine vehicles and drones.

Pictured Transition Year Students and Dr Edin Omerdic, (CRIS)







Seminar on Mobile Fabrik – An Inverse Kinematics Approach to Mobile Manipulators, Friday 15th November

Phillipe Cardoso Santos, a visiting PhD student from the Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil held a seminar on “Mobile Fabrik – An Inverse Kinematics Approach to Mobile Manipulators”. The seminar was held on 15th November and it was organised for the members of CONFIRM, LERO and MaREI teams and professors and students from the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department at UL. Phillipe presented a new inverse kinematics approach to mobile manipulators robots, which can be applied to different kind of mobile bases and robotic arms in real-time applications. This is a fast and iterative technique, which has been highlighted by its simplicity and low computational cost.

Pictured Phillipe Cardoso Santos, visiting PhD student








Visit from industry – ZIVID, a world-leading 3D camera manufacturer

Satja Sivcev, a former PhD student in CRIS, held a seminar on Zivid 3D colour vision systems. Staja is currently a lead application engineer at ZIVID, a position he took over after successfully defending his thesis on “Smart Enhanced Performance Intervention ROVs Control System Advancements for Marine work-class ROV Manipulators” in our centre. The seminar was well attended, including researches from CONFIRM and LERO centres. A short presentation followed the demo on ZIVID 3D camera.

Pictured L-R, Dr Gerard Dooly and Dr Satja Sivcev








Open days UL, 17th and 18th October

Over 14,000 second level students, their teachers and guidance counsellors flocked to the UL campus on 17th and 18th October, arriving from all around Ireland and further afield. The largest ever number of individuals, outside of the school groups and most of which are parents, guardians or carers of potential students, attended – over 2,000 in total, with visitors from Northern Ireland, the UK, France, Germany and as far afield as Philadelphia, USA. CRIS research centre presented the recent underwater missions in Irish Sea and our remote operation vehicles fleet.









Industry updates

UL CRIS team signed contract with industry partners FUGRO, with Dr Edin Omerdic (pictured below) as Principal Investigator.  It is six months project with aim to develop advanced control system modules for ROV operations in challenging condition. The project is linked to MaREI Phase 2.