Career Opportunities

What Opportunities are there for Mobile Communications and Security Graduates?There are many possible opportunities available to graduates from this programme. The knowledge and skills gained in this course are needed in all industries across the public and private sector and at both national and international level.

Employment opportunities exist in the development, deployment, maintenance and enhancement of secure networks. This includes computer and related industries, as well as financial services and any medium to large-scale business of the 21st century.

Major multinationals need people with IT security skills to help protect their vital computer systems, banks will employ them as IT security experts helping to secure the vital data and networks that are their primary assets and police forces need people with skills in IT forensics to help detect and prosecute computer crime.

Furthermore, with the advent of cloud computing upon us, graduates with expert security knowledge will be in increasing demand; this course will provide that expertise. There are also world-wide opportunities for advanced study and research.

Internationally, across Europe and the USA, the demand for ICT graduates is expected to continue growing. For example in the USA, the US Department of Labour predicts that ICT will be the fastest growing profession with over 30% growth between 2010 and 2018.

Graduates of Mobile Communications and Security will build successful careers in a wide range of application areas, including research, design and development in:

Example careers nationally and internationally include:

  • Network security analyst/consultant
  • Network administrator/manager
  • Security & Forensics expert
  • Mobile & Wireless analyst
  • Web designer/developer
  • Software Developer/Computer Programmer
  • E-Commerce consultant
  • Computer crime consultant
  • Product sales & marketing
  • IT & Networking consultant
  • Online Gaming and Entertainment
  • Advanced Study & Research

With the skills provided by this programme, its graduates will be ideally placed to help specify, design and build the safer, more trustworthy computer systems and networks of tomorrow.