CRIS PhD students gave a talk at this year’s Paint of Science event

Andrew O’Riordan and James Coady (both PhD researchers with the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS) and Confirm Research Centre) presented together at the Pint of Science. The event was held at JJ Bowles Pub, Limerick, Wednesday May 22nd. Their topic focused on Collaborative Robots (i.e. Cobots) and how versatile a tool these robots can be, allowing them to be utilised not only in the manufacturing industry but also in a wide variety of applications (such as a replacement for bar staff for mixing cocktails!). Throughout their presentation they spoke of the capabilities and limitations of cobots, the kinematics that drive the robotic movements, while also adding some humour to their talk to make it not only informative, but both engaging and fun for all involved. An added value to this presentation was the use of the cobot arm to pour and mix all of the ingredients to make a long island iced-tea in which a few members of the audience even got involved and tasted the drink. How Andrew and James performed can be found here.

Pictured below left to right: Andrew O’Riordan and James Coady