Class visit to ESB Ardnacrusha – 3rd Year Students from LM118 (E&CE)

Pictured below 2018-19 Third-year BE in Electronic & Computer Engineering (LM118) Class on their Field Trip to ESB Ardnacrusha Power Station in Co. Clare, on Thursday, 4th April 2019. The trip is part of the extracurricular activities for the EE4024 (Electrical Energy – Electrical Machines) module, which is run by Professor Hussain Mahdi. The trip, organised by Professor Mahdi, is designed to provide the students with the opportunity of a closer look at industrial electrical machines and transformers at power generating stations, including three-phase synchronous generators, transformers, turbines, distribution power lines, and their control systems. This, in turn, underpins the theoretical and practical material covered in lectures and labs on campus.