AI Awards 2018

The ECE Department together with Colleagues from CSIS were delighted to be nominated at the recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) awards held in Dublin.  The nomination for best contribution in AI – Academic Research Body was in recognition of the intensive work carried out during the development and delivery phase of the new MSc programme in Artificial Intelligence. The departments will welcome the first 86 students onto this Skillsnet funded programme in January 2019. A key factor in the success of the programme is the qualifying certificate – the first instance of which ran in Autumn 2018 and which we hope to offer twice during 2019. This offers students an insight into what registering for a technical degree will look like and allows our students to build their confidence in AI before registering for a full masters degree in the area. We are very excited to be involved in this and other new Digital Education offerings during 2019.

Ken Finnegan, latterly of the IDA and now Director of Technology and Innovation at the Harbour Innovation Campus (also a proud ECE graduate BTW) spoke at the event about the great quality of entries for the AI awards this year andwas really excited to welcome such a wide range of great new contributions in AI.

“The quality of applications for the AI Awards demonstrates the immense talent, skill and vision from the applicants and their organisations. Projects and applications from a wide range of areas and sectors were presented and provided insights into significant cost savings, efficiencies for companies, better safety and security for the public and many other benefits that have been realised through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The standard and skill demonstrated will ensure Ireland as a choice location for talented AI professionals to grow and succeed.”

(Pictured above, L-R, Dr. Pepijn Van De Ven, E&CE Dept, UL, Mark Kelly, Director of AI, Prof. John Nelson, E&CE, UL, Dr. Martin Hayes, HoD, E&CE, UL)