2-day short course on “Selected Topics in Mixed-signal IC design”

The Circuits & Systems Research Centre (CSRC) hosted a 2-day short-course on “Selected Topics in Mixed-signal IC design” by Prof. Klaas Bult (TU Delft) at the University of Limerick 14th & 15th June. The main topics this year are power efficient, high performance data converters in System-on-Chip/Embedded environments.

Prof. Klaas Bult has a distinguished career in IC electronics with placements at Philips Research Labs, Twente University and as a director with Broadcom responsible for Analog and RF circuits for embedded applications. He is now an independent consultant in Analog IC design operating from the Netherlands. Klaas Bult is an author of more than 60 international publications and holds more than 60 issued US patents. He is a Broadcom and IEEE Fellow.

Two guest lectures were organized for each day.

Guest Lecture (Arralis) – “FMCW Radar Design for Autonomous Vehicle – Mr. Yulung Tang (Senior MMIC design engineer at Arralis)

Guest Lecture (Jaguar Land Rover) – “Overview Automated Driving Systems” – Mr. Peter Barry (Chief software architect autonomous driving at JLR)