LM711 Higher Diploma in
Mobile and Secure Cloud Computing

Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering

Faculty of Science & Engineering

University of Limerick

Academic Year 2013-14


The last few years have witnessed a growing significance of a number of areas within the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) worldwide and in the Irish economy in particular. These areas include the fields of network and network security, e-Commerce and mobile-Commerce and new developments in the Internet and Cloud Computing. In fact, many companies, especially those in banking, defence, e-commerce and telecommunications, have for example made systems security a top priority. Furthermore, all these areas are intrinsically linked in an economy which is increasingly moving online, such as the Irish economy.

The world-wide security software   market has recently seen dramatic annual growth of more than 13%, while e-Commerce has been growing at 22% per year. Further, the electronic communications market generated revenues were €293 billion in 2008 for the EU, with Ireland’s market share of €4.54 billion. It is anticipated that Ireland will experience large growth in the areas of Mobile, Broadband, Next Generation Networks, Text and Digital TV, and On-line Gaming over the next 10 years. With this scale of current and projected global growth in Mobile Communications and Security, it is expected that there will be healthy demand for talented graduates in this sector over the next number of years, with very promising prospects for stable long-term employment.

However, while there is an increasing supply of computing graduates coming through the third-level system in Ireland, there are also indications that opportunities are growing faster than supply. Hence, there is a major challenge to try to increase the supply of skilled graduates to meet the short and longer term needs of the IT industry in general and of the above identified areas in particular. Given the availability of talented graduates from non-computing/IT disciplines, there is a need for supporting graduate conversion courses which would allow non-computing/IT graduates re-equip themselves for new careers and work opportunities in the IT sector in general and in these rapidly growing areas in particular.

Building on its experience, expertise and resources in the provision of third-level education and professional training in key ICT areas, The Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) in UL has initiated this level 8 Higher Diploma programme in Mobile and Secure Cloud Computing, as a new ICT skills programme designed to provide graduates with a solid foundation knowledge and associated set of practical skills.

Aim and Objectives of the Programme

The aim of the HD in MSCC programme is to provide graduates with an understanding of Mobile and Secure Cloud Computing and a set of practical skills to meet the industrial needs in both generic and targeted ICT areas, with the specific objectives of:

  • Providing a solid foundation and broad based training in modern Computer Programming, Cloud Computing, Web Technology and IT Network Infrastructures and at the level expected by industry.
  • Providing a choice of specialised training that allows participants to focus on aspects of Data Security or Mobile Applications and Networking.

Why Study Mobile and Secure Cloud Computing Now?

Today, at the start of the 21st century, computers, networks and mobile devices are everywhere. Enterprises must store and send all kinds of sensitive and mission critical data in a seamless and secure fashion.

  • This programme will equip students with the necessary skills to contribute to the on-going software and mobile networking revolution.
  • In a wireless-connected world, populated by computer viruses, spyware, malware and bots, security is vital.
  • Graduates of this course will be well placed to build secure, safe and reliable networks to counter web and computer-based crime.
  • Excellent opportunities exist in communications, e-commerce, gaming technologies and cloud computing.

Application Forms and Application Process

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Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, or should you require any assistance.

Programme Structure

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Dr. Hussain Mahdi
Programme Director 
Department of ECE
University of Limerick (UL)

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