The Student Experience

Recently there has been a worldwide shift towards a refocused commitment on the topic of energy. Irish and world governments are making huge economic commitments to future energy programmes.

Energy generation from sources such as: fossil fuel and renewable sources generally result in much of this energy being converted into electrical energy. Thus electrical energy engineering is an impor­tant element of this activity.

There is an increas­ing demand (with excellent opportunities) for the next generation of electrical energy engineers, to work on new solutions for the electrical energy grid, based on wind, solar, ocean, wave and other renewable forms of energy.

The programme of study in Electrical Energy Engineering includes:

§Electrical Engineering - generation (conventional and renewable), power systems, power electronics and high voltage engineering.

§ Physics - thermal physics, mechanical energy and electrical energy.

§ Control - advanced control systems, sensors and actuators.

§ Environment - electronic monitoring and control systems for the built environment.