What our Graduates have to say:


John J Guiry - BE Computer Engineering 2010

(Winner of Hank Krabbe Medal 2010 and UL Gold Medal in 2010)

“From a young age, I was always mystified by how everyday household items such as TVs and desktop computers operated. This led me to select Computer Engineering for my degree.  I am currently pursuing a PhD here at UL on Unobtrusive Human Mobility Monitoring.”


Ronan Skehill - BE Electronic Engineering 1999 and

Ian Rice - BE Electronic Engineering 1998

(Ronan and Ian established the award winning Cauwill Technologies in 2009)

“Studying engineering at the University of Limerick gave myself and my co-founder at Cauwill Technologies the necessary skill-sets to develop world class software products and solutions.”

Photo: Ronan Skehill (left) and Ian Rice (right)


Emma Tierney - BE Computer Engineering (2002)

Emma works as a Graphics Applications Engineer at Intel Communications Europe in Shannon.

“I found my Computer Engineering degree course at UL very interesting. Having worked in various different companies since college, the products I've been developing have been completely different. My course gave me the grounding in all aspects of engineering to turn my hand at anything.”


Tracey Roche - BE Electronic Engineering 2003

Tracey is employed at Analog Devices, Limerick with the DAC Group in the Design Evaluation Department.

“There is constant variety of work in my job ...technology doesn't sit still”

“I like the mix of hands-on lab and research work in my job. There is always something new.”